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Where's Mabel?

Mabel loves the beach. She loves to run in the waves and roll in the sand. She loves to dunk her head in the salt water and throw her hair back in the sun...


One late-summer day, right after she had dunked her head in the salt water and just as she was getting ready to throw her hair back in the su ---


Mabel was in that mighty maelstrom, that whizzing whirlpool, that swirling suckhole for longer than she had ever dunked her head under water before. She met lots of creatures in that funny funnel and even came face to face with her nemesis, the dolphin!  As a matter of fact, it was the dolphin who suggested Mabel should grab a bite to eat because vigorous vortices don't always release you in time for dinner. That is how Mabel learned she loved fishing. She ate mackerel, oysters, rockfish, halibut and even squid!

When the maelstrom dumped Mabel back on land she had definitely missed dinner and she wasn't on the beach in San Diego anymore...


No one knows exactly where she is, but every few weeks Mabel sends postcards from Mediterranean beach towns. There's never a return address and she always signs them "-gone fishing".

Weird. Sounds like she's having a good time. 


Want to get weird in the whirlpool?

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-xo, Mabel.  

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